Reading Shimmer the Glowworm to children is one of my favorite things to do. The inspiration for the story started with my art.   I created a ME TREE that has the message I AM and different traits such as “music,” “art,” “joy,” etc. and the idea for Shimmer the Glowworm sprouted organically from that.


I created Shimmer the Glowworm to instill in children that they are inherently special. If children can understand this at an early age, they can grow and thrive, no matter what the circumstances. When we foster our inner qualities and accept our own unique differences as strengths, we empower our sense of self. 



One main arc of the story is Shimmer learns that by inspiring and encouraging others, her glow begins to show. Helping others realize their gifts enriches each of us. When children hear the story, they immediately connect with this message, and the music supports and adds to the experience. 

My core philosophy is that we are all connected, and that uplifting one, uplifts us all. Being able to bring this joy and inspiration to children is fulfilling and exhilarating for me as an artist, writer, and person.



I hope this story reminds others that your worth is not in what you do or have... It is in just being YOU.

it is truly an opportunity to be able to share this story and music with children of all ages!

With butterflies & rainbows 

 Love Shelby and Roxy

How Shimmer the Glowworm was created